Remote store management for Fast Casual and QSRs.


A new standard in foodservice.

With Orchard’s remote store management (RSM) software, your Fast Casual or QSR can achieve smooth operations, brand consistency, and faster service. Manage all of your restaurant’s technology - from POS to KDS to Timekeeping and more - through a single dashboard. With Orchard OS, you can easily deploy Orchard software on your existing hardware and instantly pair devices to Orchard Office, making switching & setup painless.


Operations made easy.


✔️ 99.99% Uptime SLA.

✔️ Runs on any hardware (including existing legacy systems).

✔️ Software versions are automatically standardized in all stores.

✔️ EMV PCI compliance & security are managed for you.

✔️ Designed to scale from 10 to 10,000+ stores.

✔️ Setting up a new Orchard device takes seconds with pairing.

Management made easy.


✔️ All Orchard devices are remotely (& securely) accessible.

✔️ All system data is queryable in real-time via Orchard’s API.

✔️ All system reporting data is exportable instantly & on-demand.

✔️ All Orchard devices receive automatic remote software updates.

✔️ All data syncs in real-time (price & menu changes, labor, etc.).

✔️ Capable of supporting any custom integration.

"Legacy POS systems are clunky, go down frequently, and have mostly lacked remote access to check system health."

— J. Jordan Thaeler, Reforming Retail

Orchard is different. Find out how.